I’ve been playing [#223], played it with my fiddle partner, I absolutely love it! Easy to play, quick response, great dynamics – loud or soft.

Evelyn Greene

Lexie is in love with her violin!!! And plays it for hours every day, she told us the other day she just can’t put it down. Thank you so very much for this beautiful piece that you have created.

Debbie Baker for Lexie

#211 sounds just like I wanted it to!!! I may never become a famous great fiddler, but I’m so proud to own and play one of your fiddles. At least I can truly enjoy what my ability allows me to produce from the instrument now. I’m so happy. Thanks for all your hard work!

Laurie Harris

“I am so happy with the warm sound and balanced tone.”

Donna Katsiaficas

“I own two of Frank’s instruments, and they are both my favorites!”

Louis Fonte