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Thanks to all who visit this web site and to those who take the time to contact Frank about his instruments!

We now have a new Web Master, Jessi Webb, who is helping us redo and update our site. We hope you will enjoy the new look and bear with us through the updating process!

For all of you who are used to seeing us at the Father’s Day Bluegrass Festival at Grass Valley, California, we want you to know that we will not make it in June this year due to a family reunion in Washington the same weekend. We are planning to attend the Darrington Bluegrass Festival in July at Darrington, Washington and hope to see you there.

Katy's Handiwork

Frank is still busy in the shop and is working on #224. The back, sides, and scroll on this instrument are made out of a nice piece of Quilted Maple from the Washington coast. He was working on a beautiful Engelmann Spruce top and had just glued the purfling in the top using hide glue when he left the shop for a few minutes. Continue reading

State of Idaho "Capitol Fiddle"

Several years ago, the Idaho Legislature voted to expand and restore the Capitol building in Boise, Idaho. The additions involved removing 10 old growth trees to make way for the two new wings.

 Max and Frank

Max and Frank

Representative Max Black, District 15, Boise, Idaho proposed harvesting the old trees and having woodworkers throughout Idaho submit applications to receive pieces of this wood. In return, those selected would craft an object from the wood to be permanently displayed in the Capitol when the restoration was complete. A committee was formed to review the applications and select the woodworkers who would participate in this project. Continue reading

In keeping with tradition

May2007081In 1977, Cyril Hatfield purchased a Sam Daniels’ violin (#84) for his 15-year old daughter, Gayle. Gayle played the instrument in the Borah High School Orchestra and through the years in several symphonies. Two years ago after her symphony practice, Gayle was thinking about how much she had enjoyed her violin over the years and began to wonder whether Sam Daniels was still living and making violins. She began searching the Internet and discovered Frank’s web site.

Gayle contacted Frank and met him in person when she came to a festival in Grass Valley, CA to have him do some minor adjustments to her violin. In September this year, Gayle brought her family to a festival at Plymouth, CA and commissioned Frank to make a violin for her 10-year old daughter, Annie. Continue reading