Recent Frank’s Fiddle Orders

It’s been almost a year since we updated our website and we apologize for not keeping it more current.  It seems that 2017 was a year for taking care of some family health issue and large family reunion in Washington in June.  All is well, and we look forward to traveling to a few more events in 2018.  This blog will highlight some of the recent Frank’s Fiddle owners from 2017. Continue reading

Customer Spotlight – Ava & Kelby

Frank was contacted by a good friend from Middleton, Idaho who wanted to have Frank make his Mother, Ava, a fiddle for her 80th birthday. Ava’s grandson brought her over to talk to Frank to decide what she wanted. She is a small lady and wanted a 7/8th size instrument. Frank had some nice Sycamore back wood that was cut in Boise that she liked. Frank completed the instrument right before Christmas and she loved it. She plays it every morning when she gets up. Frank and Karen were invited to her birthday party where she carried the instrument around all day showing people. She even ate her birthday cake while holding it.

Ava’s grandson, Kelby, borrowed one of Frank’s new 5-strings to play at an Irish pub while he was home from college. Before Frank picked up the 5-string, Kelby told his Dad how much he liked the 5-string. Long story short, his Dad made an arrangement with Frank to buy the 5-string for Kelby’s college graduation present.

Customer Spotlight – Randall with #214

In December 2014 Frank was contacted by a man from Colorado about making him a custom instrument. They communicated back and forth about different wood types, tone and color. Frank sent him pictures of wood samples and Randall submitted his order form so Frank could get started on his instrument. Frank kept Randall apprised of his progress with pictures and phone calls and was able to finish the instrument on April 4, 2015. Frank offered to meet Randall and his wife in Provo, Utah to deliver #214. We all camped at a campground near Provo so Randall could have time to try out his instrument. Randall is pictured here playing his fiddle in our trailer for the first time. His expression after he played #214 says it all.

Customer Spotlight – Laurie Harris with #211

Frank was contacted in July 2014 by a young lady from Alabama about making her a custom fiddle. They talked several times on the phone and via e-mail about the wood, color, and tone she was looking for and then she placed her order. Frank sent her pictures throughout the process and one day she e-mailed to say she just found out that she jams with a friend in Alabama who purchased and plays one of Frank’s earlier 5-strings. What a small world. Frank was able to finish and ship Laurie’s instrument so she would have it before the holidays. This is a quote from a note we received from Laurie, “#211 sounds just like I wanted it to!!! I may never become a famous great fiddler, but I’m so proud to own and play one of your fiddles. At least I can truly enjoy what my ability allows me to produce from the instrument now. I’m so happy. Thanks for all your hard work!”