Recent Frank’s Fiddle Orders

It’s been almost a year since we updated our website and we apologize for not keeping it more current.  It seems that 2017 was a year for taking care of some family health issue and large family reunion in Washington in June.  All is well, and we look forward to traveling to a few more events in 2018.  This blog will highlight some of the recent Frank’s Fiddle owners from 2017.

In January 2017, Frank was contacted by Evelyn Green from Hawaii.  Evelyn wanted Frank to make her a 4-string fiddle and explained what she was looking for.  Frank had just completed #223 and told her he thought it might be what she was looking for.  He shipped it to Hawaii for her to try out and she fell in love with it.  More about Evelyn can be found on the Testimonial and Gallery pages.

In February 2017 while vending at the Bullhead City, Arizona Bluegrass Festival Frank met Adam Burrows, fiddler for the Kevin Prater Bluegrass Band.  Adam tried out all of Frank’s fiddles and really liked #222.  Frank asked if he would like to play it on stage and Adam played one of the best renditions of “Sally Goodin” Frank has heard.  The crowd really loved it also.  After he got off stage, Adam told Frank how much he liked #222 and ended up buying it before the festival was over.  Adam’s picture is now in the Gallery and you can find out more about Adam and the band at

Also at the Bullhead City Festival, Frank met Daniel Moore and his family.  Daniel is the fiddler for his family band, Salt and Light. Daniel played #221 on stage and several times during the festival.  Daniel and his father kept in touch with Frank throughout the summer and purchased #221 in August.  You can check out the band at and click on their YouTube link to hear Daniel playing #221.  Daniel’s picture is in the Gallery and also check out his Testimonial.

In April, Frank and Karen vended at the Northwest Regional Fiddle Contest in Spokane, Washington.  Abigail Stepper, a competition fiddler, a fiddle teacher and a busy Mom of two young children, purchased #113, one of Frank’s earlier fiddles, at the contest.  In June, she competed at the National Old Time Fiddlers Contest in Weiser, Idaho and placed first in the Young Adult Division.  She texted us right after the contest to let us know she had won.  Abigail’s picture is in the Gallery.  We hope to see her again this year at the fiddle contest.

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