Customer Spotlight – Laurie Harris with #211

Frank was contacted in July 2014 by a young lady from Alabama about making her a custom fiddle. They talked several times on the phone and via e-mail about the wood, color, and tone she was looking for and then she placed her order. Frank sent her pictures throughout the process and one day she e-mailed to say she just found out that she jams with a friend in Alabama who purchased and plays one of Frank’s earlier 5-strings. What a small world. Frank was able to finish and ship Laurie’s instrument so she would have it before the holidays. This is a quote from a note we received from Laurie, “#211 sounds just like I wanted it to!!! I may never become a famous great fiddler, but I’m so proud to own and play one of your fiddles. At least I can truly enjoy what my ability allows me to produce from the instrument now. I’m so happy. Thanks for all your hard work!”

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