Customer Spotlight – Ava & Kelby

Frank was contacted by a good friend from Middleton, Idaho who wanted to have Frank make his Mother, Ava, a fiddle for her 80th birthday. Ava’s grandson brought her over to talk to Frank to decide what she wanted. She is a small lady and wanted a 7/8th size instrument. Frank had some nice Sycamore back wood that was cut in Boise that she liked. Frank completed the instrument right before Christmas and she loved it. She plays it every morning when she gets up. Frank and Karen were invited to her birthday party where she carried the instrument around all day showing people. She even ate her birthday cake while holding it.

Ava’s grandson, Kelby, borrowed one of Frank’s new 5-strings to play at an Irish pub while he was home from college. Before Frank picked up the 5-string, Kelby told his Dad how much he liked the 5-string. Long story short, his Dad made an arrangement with Frank to buy the 5-string for Kelby’s college graduation present.

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